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Ipad Security

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تجارة الاسهم الالكترونية

iPad will not start up

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الاسهم القطرية اليوم iPad will not start up

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What is the difference between a iPad and tablet.?

كيف التداول بالذهب

الاسهم السعودية منتدى What is the difference between a iPad and tablet.?

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How to clear Internal Storage

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Seeing Filenames in the Photos App

سعر الذهب اليوم

مؤشر مدرب (ثنائي مؤشر خيارات إشارات للميتاتريدر 4) Seeing Filenames in the Photos App

سعر السوق السعودي

ColorWare is Selling Custom Colour AirPods for $289

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ColorWare is Selling Custom Colour AirPods for $289

Deleting emails

I have only been on iPad couple of days and need to clear out some old read emails and empty recycle bin,I can't seem to find how to do this

See the rest here:
Deleting emails

Parse Error

Hi Guys, Having recently upgraded my ipad to the ipad Pro 9.7, i have loaded all the old apps on and they are all working OK except for the ” ipad Forum “. When I try to open the app it states that there is a ” Parse Error ” and wants me to send a report for analysis. This I try to do but it just keeps sending

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Parse Error

Be My Eyes

Sometimes you come across by chance an app that is obviously really worthwhile – not that many others aren't. I came across a short video on the BBC website of an app called Be My Eyes at An app to help blind people to 'see' – BBC News While they talk about using an iPhone, the app is on the iPad app store -and is free. (Btw, I have nothing to do with the app!) From their website: ( at Be My Eyes |..

Read more here:
Be My Eyes

Magic Launcher

I have used Magic Launcher (aka S Launcher previously) for app launch icons for quite a while; for me it is a great app and so I thought that I would post some pictures of one particular aspect as they may be of interest to others. From postings I have read, like other users, I find at times Safari, in particular, grinds almost to a halt -and that is on an iPad air 2 with 64 GB

Continued here:
Magic Launcher

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